Sunday, February 21, 2016


Yesterday I posted about last week's run in the foothills as part of my TeamQuest half marathon training. I shared that I had been talking about core workouts with my friend Brenda. When I got  home I received a message from Map My Run telling me that I had completed 12 miles for the week... and the app gave me suggestions for core workouts as well as tips for running up hill. I admittedly didn't do very well on that one. Did it know that I slowed down uphill? I wondered if the app had overheard my conversation.

I decided to test my theory. Today while I was out walking the Academy with my friends Eve and Lynne, I casually mentioned that I would really love to have a recipe for a salted caramel after workout recovery drink. About ten minutes after we finished our walk, I received an email notice from Map My Run that I had completed 13 miles for the week. Yay me! Included was a link for 16 Dietician Approved Pre and Post Workout Snacks. I'm not kidding. Here is the link: Dietician Approved Snacks. There is a picture of a green smoothie at the top of the post. NOT salted caramel, but still, it's weird.

Is Map My Run listening to my workout conversations?

If so, they obviously don't approve of my idea for a salted caramel smoothie.

I've gone back through my previous posts and come up with a recipe I created for a Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie. It's actually pretty healthy. You can find it over at Tips for Life and Love, a Simon and Schuster site.

On a separate note, yesterday at the Southwest Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, we held our annual conference with over 330 people in attendance. 35 of those were students! It was an amazing event with great national presenters like Dr. Elaine Cheesman, Dr. Margie Gillis, and William Van Cleave. I'll write more about this soon.

In the meantime, next week I'm going to "casually" mention that I'd love to have a pair of psychedelic running pants.

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