Saturday, March 5, 2016

Run for the Zoo

I'm really a glutton for punishment. In addition to signing up for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Diego on June 5 as part of TeamQuest, I also signed up for the 10K Run for the Zoo on May 1 here in Albuquerque. I needed some inspiration after being sick for a week with the flu and getting off of my training schedule. I'm back on track now.  Run for the Zoo is a great fundraiser for our local zoo, plus it will be a good mid way goal as I aim for the half marathon in June.

I'm doing all of this to help raise money for the International Dyslexia Association and our local New Mexico branch. I'm certainly NOT doing it because I'm athletic in any way. This past year our local branch was able to provide college and career scholarships to three students with dyslexia. We also put on a big conference for teachers, parents, and students every February with speakers from around the country.

See my FUNDRAISING PAGE to see how you may contribute.

My Saturday morning run in the foothills was a little rough after being home sick. Downhill was great, but uphill was a real challenge.

In previous posts I have mentioned that I'm getting the feeling that my running app is spying on me. Saturday when I was running with Brenda in the foothills, I said, "I'd really like some tie-dyed running pants." When I got home I had a message from Map My Run telling me my stats for the month of February and recommending running pants. This was the link the app provided - HERE.

The pants on the link are not tie dyed, they are kind of boring actually, but this is three times in a row now that something like this has happened. I suspect one of two things:

1) My running app is listening in on conversations while I run and then emailing me similar suggestions (as close as they can get from their data base of links).
2) I'm psychic or maybe just deeply intuitive and I can predict what kind of links the running app is going to send me.

By the way, according to my stats, I ran 36 miles in February. This took me 10 hours across 12 different workouts and I burned a total of 3532 calories.

Here is a math problem for you - If 3,500 calories = one pound of fat (currently there seems to be some debate about this) and I want to lose 15 pounds, how many miles would I have to run to lose 15 pounds?

Answer - 540 miles.

Or I could stop eating so many Girl Scout Cookies... another great fundraiser!

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