Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Day Run in the Foothills

Last Sunday, Valentine's Day, as part of my TeamQuest training, I started off the week by running 3.2 miles in the foothills. It wasn't until we were already on the trail that I thought to ask my friend, Brenda, if she ever saw rattlesnakes out there. "Oh yes!" she informed me. "And coyotes and mountain lions." Fortunately, she brought her Rottweiler along.

Mostly I walked up hill and ran down hill but that bit of news gave me incentive to increase my speed.

About an hour after we returned, the Map My Run app sent me  6 Tips to Master Hill Running. They also sent me a 5 Minute Core Routine, which is very interesting since while we were on the run I told Brenda that my doctor had told me to be sure and work my core.

Hmm. This app may be watching me a little too closely. And listening too. Next time I use the app, I'm going to say something like, "I wish I had a recipe for a salted caramel recovery drink." If one pops up on my phone, I'll know they are listening.

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