Sunday, November 5, 2017

Build a Better Brain for your Baby Through Reading Aloud - Free Toolkit for ages birth-5

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association has partnered with an organization called Read Aloud 15 Minutes to create free handouts in both English and Spanish that provide information about communication development for seven different age groups birth to age 5. The Tool Kit outlines important developmental milestones in the areas of speaking, listening and understanding. Tips are provided for supporting child development at each stage.

The Took Kit is comprised of a series of seven handouts for each age group.

  • Birth–3 months
  • 4–6 months
  • 7–12 months
  • 1–2 years
  • 2–3 years
  • 3–4 years
  • 4–5 years
Daily reading and talking with young children are two simple ways parents can aid their child’s development. If parents have concerns about their child, they should seek an evaluation from a certified audiologist or speech-language pathologist. Intervention is most effective when done early. Young children who have significant speech and language delays that go untreated often have reading difficulties during the school years.
ASHA is encouraging certified audiologists, speech-language pathologists, pediatricians, early childhood educators, librarians, and other professionals to use this online resource and either forward or print for parents to use.

To learn more about the importance of reading aloud to children go to

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