Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cyber Bullying

This month I'm over at The Anti-Bully Project with a contest to win a free copy of Forget Me Not.
Here is an excerpt from my article...
A student breaks out in tears in the middle of class, talking out loud to someone who isn’t there. Psychotic break? No, his girlfriend just sent him a text saying she’s breaking up with him. The teacher doesn’t even know he’s texting until she sees the phone, carefully concealed between his lap and his desk.
A mother is driving home from the grocery store with her teenage daughter when the girl’s eyes grow wide in panic. One of her classmates is in ICU with a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.
She read the post on Twitter.
A twelve-year-old girl in Florida jumps to her death after being stalked and bullied on social media. (
Technology has changed the way people communicate, the way they get information, and the way they bully.
According to an article in the online magazine, Time U.S.( experts link the rising suicide rate among young adults (those under 24) to bullying via social media.
To see the rest of the article and enter the rafflecopter contest, visit The Anti-Bully Project.

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