Sunday, August 5, 2012

Preparing for a Book Launch: Searching for Flowers

I can't believe it's a mere 8 weeks until the release of FORGET ME NOT.

While looking for flowers to use in the book trailer, I called the local florist to see if they had forget-me-nots. They did not, nor could they order any. I went to the craft store to see if they had plastic versions of the tiny blue plastic flower. They didn't. I finally went to Jackalope, a local nursery based on the fictitious animal that is supposedly a cross between an antelope and a jack rabbit. To my dismay I discovered that forget-me-nots were NOT in season. 

They suggested growing them from seeds. I told the helpful plant lady that I doubted my publisher would delay the release of my book to allow me time to grow flowers.
Trying to be helpful, the plant lady showed me white barcopa. It also has five petals, but it's white, not blue. I seriously considered painting the flowers, but since I've never been artistic, I put this thought aside. Just as I feared all hope was lost, I found this pretty little blue flower whose name I can't remember. It's not forget-me-nots but as long as we don't do any close up shots, I think we'll be okay.

I now have complete sympathy for those movie people who have to go around town searching for props and sets and drug stores with jukeboxes and flowers that aren't in season and whatever else the crazy author decided to put in the story.

I now also know that flowers can have stunt doubles.
There's a lot more to being an author than I ever imagined.

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  1. Ha! Loved this post. It reminds me of going into Hobby Lobby, collecting all kinds of *cool stuff* and setting up an arrangement INside the store to film for my book trailer for The Healing Spell. I was there at least two hours. Just about every still picture has a story like that behind it. Going to a locksmith to find some old keys . . . hiring girls from church to stand in front of a gate . . . taking about 50 shots of a girl sitting on the bayou in various poses . . . all for a 1-2 minute book trailer. But it's kinda fun, too!

    Writers are adventurers, and not just in front of the computer!


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